A Castle Filled with Unique Spaces…

The Tonawanda Castle is considered the most luxurious of the three armories designed by Isaac Perry in the late 1890s and the most common response we receive from visitors to the Castle is: “Wow, there are so many unique rooms!” Beyond the eight event rooms in the Castle, what most people don’t anticipate is the ample gallery-viewing space that exists on the lowest level of the more than 110 year old building.

The renovated gallery space has gone through quite a few transitions.  By our best estimates, the space was first used as horse stables until about 1910. In 1913 “The Finest Company Armory in the world” (according to the poster we dug up) hosted a three day open house to show off the lower level’s new swimming pool, mess hall, kitchen and shower room.   At a later date, part of the area was converted into a shooting range.  When the Castle was purchased privately in 2004, there was extensive water damage to deal with (see the before picture below), but with some imaginative thought one of the building’s most unique spaces was creatively converted into a gallery viewing space.


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