We Need You! (…and more repelling down the turret stories…)

The year is 2007 and the Tonawanda Castle (still the Tonawanda Armory at the time) is hosting its first open house to show off round one of renovations.  The outpouring of community interest was more enthusiastic than we could have ever possibly imagined.  And the best part? The stories we heard about the historical building. Our personal favorite was retold by an older gentleman who made it huffing up to the third floor and triumphantly declared “I remember when I used to practice repelling down that turret…” Our reaction: “Excuse me, come again?” Apparently, according to the man who used to drill at the armory, Guardsmen practiced their repelling skills down the armory turret that rises 100+ feet over Delaware Street (the same turret that was used to monitor the sky during the two World Wars).

Now, we can’t corroborate this story, but it sure is a good one! And we want more of them. That’s why we need YOU (yes, you) to spread the word about our “A Day of Memory” event. By doing so you’ll help us preserve this magnificent building’s historical legacy.  On Sunday Nov. 22 from 1 pm to 4 pm, the Castle is inviting community members with memories of the armory to come share them with our staff as we work to compile a more through “oral history” of the Castle.  More info: http://wp.me/pFGRI-n


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  1. Armando Abrams

    The gentleman who stated that he used to rappel down the tower is correct. He may have been part of the Scout Platoon, Combat Support Company, 1st Battalion, 174th Infantry Regiment, 42nd Infantry Div, NYARNG. I along with others taught the class to our Scouts. I was the Scout Platoon SGT. That would have been in the late 70’s. I will try to locate a photo to send of the Scout Platoon.
    Armando Abrams

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