Two Boots and Some Caution Tape?…Let’s Talk Parking!

Nothing will erase the memory of a good night out quite like coming back to your car and finding a giant, $50+ parking ticket conspicuously stuck under your windshield wiper. (Or, in my case, a recent evening out in the City of Buffalo ended with my friend’s car immobilized by two boots, some festive caution tape and a big yellow parking violation sign plastered to the side window, but that’s a long story for another day…)

**The important point to highlight here is that when you’re planning an event, parking is often an overlooked necessity for your guests. Yes, the ambiance, layout, food, drink etc. of the venue are all very important – but your guests also need somewhere to easily stow their various vehicles for the night. You really don’t want your guests circling side streets like vultures hunting for a spot, breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of parallel parking their SUV as they nervously glance at their watch because they’re about to be late…

Luckily experiences like the one detailed above prompted the Castle to acquire two parking lots conveniently located across the street from the historic building, in addition to the lot that runs along the side of the building.  Also, the City of Tonawanda graciously listened to our requests and lifted certain key street-parking restrictions.  So bring on your 465 guests (the Grand Ball Room’s max capacity)! And rest assured that your guests will remember your event, not the parking ticket!

Tonawanda Castle Parking

The sign in front of one of our three lots...


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