In Need of Some Decorating Expertise, Please…

Christmas lights are twinkling, blow-up snowmen are popping up on front lawns, holiday music is playing (well, actually has been playing…in some cases since Halloween), “eggnog lattes” are available at most local drive throughs, and we’ve got our first “Lake Effect Snow Warning” – must mean it’s the holiday season.

And for the Castle, that translates into some serious decorating time! We’ve got 38,000 sq ft of historical building to “festivize” and we’re not holding anything back (we’re aiming for a Christmas tree for every fireplace – which means A LOT of trees). We just have one minor issue.  No one on the staff has decorated more than one tree per holiday season in a respective house that is like 1/100 of the Castle.

So we’re reaching out to the lovely local community for some suggestions. If you’ve visited the Castle before (or, in the off chance, have decorated another NYS Armory) and have a holiday decorating tip or idea, we’d love for you to share and we’ll take it into consideration.

One suggestion we’ve already received: “We’d love to see a lighted Santa on top of the turret!”

Maybe next year…

Last year's one decorated Christmas tree...


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