Who Doesn’t Wear Thermals to Work?

Apparently most everyone.

When you work a typical job, in the morning you browse through your closet for some variation of dress pants/skirt and a blouse/shirt with tie. Well, when you work at the Tonawanda Castle you search for under armour, a puffy vest, anything fleece, ski socks and boots.

Running a historical armory has some special costs associated with it and one of those significant costs is the heating bill for 38,000 sq ft of space with mammoth ceilings. In an effort to be cost conscious and environmentally savvy we’ve sacrificed some material comforts – namely the heat. You might say we’re masters of the “green thermostat.” We type away in gloves without fingers and consider moving tables for event setup as a great way to warm up. Might not sound too appealing, but it has its benefits…

  • You think setting your home thermostat at 60 is just toasty (much to the disappointment of those you live with, but really they need to toughen up…)
  • You can go outside in winter without a coat and be fine
  • Your lunch doesn’t need to be refrigerated
  • You tend to work a lot faster and much more efficiently (we might be on to the next big business strategy here folks…)

So if we happen to answer the front door rather bundled up, there’s no reason for alarm.  We just ask that you be a little understanding of the chill in the air and keep your coat on.

And not to worry, when there’s an event we turn up the heat until it’s downright toasty and pull out the stilettos…

The Tonawanda Castle


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