Creativity & The Castle

First of all, I have to start off by saying that I’m writing this blog post from 39,000 ft up in the air on a flight courtesy of a free inflight wifi coupon!

So I’m going to take this roughly 2 hour and 15 minute flight to highlight an aspect of the Tonawanda Castle, as an events and conference center, that sometimes flies under the radar – creativity. The Castle is a unique venue. Our flickr link in the upper right hand corner of our blog really showcases the variety of rooms and their ranges in size and shape. Now I’ve been involved with the Castle for five years now, so the circular rooms, breathtaking balconies and intricate woodwork have become a bit customary (although, no less beautiful). And I love it nothing more than when someone looking to host an event at the Castle  – a fresh pair of eyes, so to speak – thinks of an awesomely creative way to utilize this historic building’s unique spaces. For example…

Throwing your bridal bokay from the balcony? – No problem. Using the 3rd floor “Officers Club” as a kids room during an event? – Great idea. Cocktail hour at the 2nd Floor Parlor bar and dinner in the Grand Ball Room? – Go for it. Utilizing the shooting range as gallery viewing space? – Perfect (okay, that one is our idea).

Point is we’ve got a beautiful building and we love it when our guests discover unique ways to utilize this restored armory to its fullest potential. Check out our flickr page to see what I mean (

And, by the way, I’m headed to Miami!


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