A Historic Castle with New Year’s Resolutions…

Yes, even a historic 110 year old former armory can have New Year’s resolutions. And we don’t just have one, we have four! Some are funny, some are cost effective, some are very forward thinking – but what  follows is a list of goals we fully intend to pursue…

1. Start brewing our own coffee and stop consuming so much Tim Hortons. The problem with the Castle’s ideal location is that fact that it is also conveniently located within a few minutes of TWO Tim Hortons, and our staff houses some serious coffee addicts. But the Castle also has two industrial size coffee makers. Our resolution – Save the money and make the coffee at the Castle.

2. Stop eating event leftovers for breakfast. You wouldn’t believe the food people leave behind after an event! I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve ate dessert for breakfast. Our resolution – In consideration of our health (and waist lines) the Castle is going to make an effort in 2010 to donate leftover food.

3. You’ll recall the Day of Memories event we held on Nov. 22nd for a documentary on the Castle? Well, now we’re in process of finishing up filming, script writing, editing etc. Basically putting together all the information we’ve accumulated in the past decade or so. Our resolution – Complete the Castle’s first documentary by mid February and screen it (but in the name of all giant projects –  the deadline is flexible (wink, wink)).

4. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: To all the Castle’s future guests in 2010, we’re so excited to be hosting your event! You have truly picked one of WNY’s most historical venues, and we promise that we will work with you 100% to make the event special, memorable and unique. And we appreciate your support. Your business helps us continue to preserve a historical gem.  Our resolution – Make 2010 the best year yet!

To our 2010 brides, the Castle debuted its new ceremony archways at a wedding this past weekend.


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