Holiday Season to Planning Season – Wedding Planning that is…

There is wedding season and then there is wedding PLANNING season and we are definitely in the throes of the planning season. With all those holiday engagements (and we heard about some really good ones – one in Las Vegas, another on a sledding hill and one by the Christmas tree, each one producing an even greater “sigh and awwwww” reaction), the New Year becomes an exciting (albeit sometimes frantic) whirl of activity. There is so much to think about…dresses, tuxes, catering, cakes, rings, DJS, flowers, the guest list– but just remember there’s no wedding without a place to celebrate in. Location is key and the Castle provides an ideal and unique location.

Here is where you can check us out:

And here is what we offer:

The obvious, of course, being wedding receptions! (We can accommodate parties up to 470 people in our Grand Ballroom.) But also keep us in mind for wedding ceremonies, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.

We still have a few dates left in 2010 (and we’re offering a discount for Friday weddings) and we are booking into 2011 and 2012.

The Second Floor Parlor Room Setup for a Wedding Ceremony


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