Why we love Western New York…

We’re going to take a break from the normal Castle related posts to talk about Western New York in general…

Buffalo bashing. It’s a serious problem. I get it from my friends that have lived here their entire lives and from my out of town friends that refuse to visit (ahem, ahem, I’m talking to you, University of Miami alums!). No matter what positive praise this region gets, the negative criticism always seems to ring louder. Well, I say enough! I’m lucky enough to work in a historical gem. In 1896, this very armory in little, old Tonawanda, NY was considered the finest institution of its kind in North America. I don’t need a reminder about how fabulous this place is. But some people definitely do…

So why, exactly, is the WNY so amazing?

1.  I used to live in Miami, so I KNOW traffic jams. (60 min to go 2 miles on US1 – not fun). Not so much of a problem in WNY…typical commute, around 20 minutes!

2. We really don’t get that much snow! I swear, I’m not making this up. But we DO have four seasons and we’re an hour and a half away from the “Grand Canyon of the East” (Letchworth), which is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. And in the summer you can do the beach/boat scene, but still snow ski in the winter…(And I don’t get it, hurricanes typically do WAY more damage than a blizzard, yet people still flock to the sunshine state and avoid Buffalo in winter like the plague.)

3. Affordability!!  The price I pay for rent wouldn’t buy me closest space in NYC, Miami, Chi town etc. But in WNY it buys me a whole apt with 2 bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, HUGE bathroom etc.

4. History, history, history and architecture, architecture, architecture…so much of it (hello!?!?! look where you can get married)!!

5. Good stinkin’ food. Chicken wings, pizza are a given – but there’s a significant variety of restaurants here providing everything ranging from Indian to New Orleans cuisine.

6. “Neighbor” still means something here…this is a city of good, hardworking people that care for each other. And that’s rare. Move away for a while and you’ll see just how rare that is.

Help me add to this list…what else is so great about WNY? Leave your comments below…

The Tonawanda Castle



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2 responses to “Why we love Western New York…

  1. Sue Meyers

    I second all of the above. Well covered. I am a believer inWNY.

  2. Thank you very much for your article.

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