Guess what was going on last week at the Castle…

You already know the Castle hosts really great weddings and parties, but after last Thursday we can add another item to the ever increasing list of “what you can do at the Castle” – film a music video!

Filming in the Grand Ballroom

About a month ago we received a phone call from E-Media Studios ( saying they were interested in the Castle as the site of a music video for The Innocent Bystanders (, a local rock band. I think a few members of the staff thought it was a prank call, but a member of E-media Studios and the song writer showed up the next morning promptly at 9 am, toured the building and the rest is history.

For roughly 12 hours last week, the film crew and the band took over the Castle’s lower level and first floor. It elicited some curious glances from visitors throughout the day (especially when they had a fog machine going in the Grand Ballroom at noon). But once we explained, they all responded “Wow, that’s pretty cool!” We thought so too.

The crew filmed in the Grand Ballroom (where they set up a mock “concert”), the women’s restroom, the basement’s former horse stables, the liquor room and the bridal lounge (where they brought in and set up a bed). You can check out the pictures on our facebook page (find it via the link on our website

We’re excited to see the completed video and as soon as it’s finished we’ll be posting it here, so stay tuned!

(*Those local to the area may already be familiar with some of E-Media’s work. They produced “The Tonawandas,” a short video highlighting all our area has to offer:


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