Concrete Proof – Repelling Down the Castle’s Turret…

The Tonawanda Castle’s tower is a majestic feat of construction.  Rising to a height of more than 100 feet, it still reigns over Delaware Street with unmistakable distinction 113 years later.

And this turret is the source of many great memories. For those of you who’ve been following the stories that came out of the Novemeber “Day of Memories” event, you are already familiar with a few of them. A quick refresh:

  • Already chronicled in the Buffalo News (,  Alice Weber told us how, as a 15 year old girl during WWII, she and a girlfriend climbed to the top of the tower to record the planes that passed overhead.
  • Joyce e-mailed us her memory from New Jersey. Her entire memory is reproduced in a post ( But, in short, Joyce’s boyfriend – a Guardsman – helped her fulfill a lifelong dream in the late 1950s by taking her up into the turret so she could “…look out from the “tower” over the little City of Tonawanda, as the snow fell and Delaware Street glistened below.”

But one story that seemed to keep popping up at different events was about Guardsmen that repelled down our turret in the 1970s. Stop and think about it for a second…pretty cool, huh? We really wanted a picture, concrete proof.

And thanks to our friends at the Historical Society of the Tonawandas who, on occasion, drop off copies of newspaper articles relating to the Castle – we have one!

A photo from the Tonawanda News in 1975 of repelling down the turret during an anniversary celebration.


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One response to “Concrete Proof – Repelling Down the Castle’s Turret…

  1. Susan Priano

    I recall in the early 70’s the armory, now Castle was used as a teen youth center. Rec department Tim Smith, someone from Tonawanda Police, myself, a student rep were all involved. Anyone have details beyond my memory?

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