Interested in Throwing a Ball?

In 1897 a ball was thrown in honor of opening the new armory. Newspapers raved “Never before have the Twin cities had such a social function.” The grand ballroom was exquisitely decorated, the waltzes began at 10 o’clock, and the guests continued dancing until 3 o’clock in the morning. It truly was an extravagant event for the entire community.

The story of the Tonawanda Ball got us wondering… parties used to be filled with elegant dresses and ballroom dancing, why doesn’t anyone throw these fantastic events anymore? Well, after years of extensive restorations, the Grand Ballroom is ready for such lavish affairs once again. The possibilities for themed balls are endless. There could be Christmas balls, Charity balls, Sweet Sixteen Birthday balls, and even a Tonawanda fireman’s ball!

Let’s bring elegance and history back into our community!

Your guests will never forget your ball at the Tonawanda Castle

If you would like to inquire about throwing a ball at the Tonawanda Castle please feel free to e-mail us at


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