From Mexican Shrimp Cocktail to Asian Style Coleslaw…Yum!

Nothing beats summertime entertaining. A casual barbecue  in the yard with family, a leisurely dinner in the garden as the sun sets with friends…

But what makes such events unforgettable and keeps your guests talking when the evening is over? Well, the food, naturally. Hot dogs and hamburgers just don’t cut it anymore. Mexican shrimp cocktail, cucumber salad, chicken enchiladas with ranchero sauce and black beans followed by spicy lemon ice sounds so much more enticing!

Lucky for you, the Castle’s Chef, Richard Kellogg, is teaching three more classes this summer at Tops Friendly Markets Cooking School. You can learn to prepare the delicious meal discussed above at his “Latino Cuisine” class. You can also fine-tune your grilling skills (complimented by a beer pairing) and master creating dishes straight from the garden, like Asian style coleslaw. Don’t miss…

“Latino Cuisine” – 7/12 & 7/19

“Boys’ Night Out-Grilling in Style (Beer Pairing with Flying Bison Brewery)” – 8/16 & 8/23

“From the Garden” – 9/9 & 9/13

For more info call (716) 515-2000 or visit

Spice up your summer entertaining with classes taught by the Castle's Chef

Now if they could just get around to that gourmet cooking by the bonfire class… 😉


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