Italian Style Wedding

Are you thinking of having an Italian style wedding? Most American women would agree that they have to have it all on their wedding day, and why shouldn’t they; after all it is their BIG day! In many cases a bride or grooms heritage plays an important role in their wedding. Here at The Tonawanda Castle we found some traditional Italian wedding customs for you to incorporate with modern-day customs during your joyous event.

Italian Weddings

Traditionally a proposal was done through a romantic serenade by the gentleman caller. The day before the wedding an Italian bride was to wear green, the color of fertility. She was also not to wear any gold jewelry until after the ceremony. Veils were torn as a sign of good luck, and the groom was to carry a piece of iron in his pocket to block all bad luck. As the bride and groom arrive at the church they will be greeted by a ribbon tied around the handles of the church doors; this is to represent the coming of their union.

As the newly wed’s leave the church, traditional Italians release doves as a sign of the joy and bond of the occasion. It is a Roman custom to throw nuts & grains as the couple leaves the church.  An odd number of candy coated almonds tied up in tulle are then thrown at the couple. The almonds signify prayers, happiness, health, fertility, long life, and prosperity. The tulle and almonds tied together symbolizes a bittersweet life, and the odd number of the almonds is for good luck. If you don’t feel like having almonds thrown at you, there is always the option of giving them as party favors. =0)

Most wedding reception customs are the same as any American wedding, however there are a few differences. Plenty of food and wine are to be expected as well as fried dough covered in powder sugar. The reception begins with the head groomsman wishing “per cent’ anni” to the couple meaning 100 years together. There is the traditional father daughter dance, then guests are expected to dance with the bride and put money into a white silk bag that she carries with her. At some Italian weddings, pieces of the groom’s tie are sold to the guests. Many kisses are to be given to the bride and groom for good luck, and finally the happy couple shatters a glass whose broken pieces indicate the number of years they will have together.

Tradition is a part of any wedding, these are just a few of the traditional Italian wedding customs that you can add to your modern wedding.

Feel free to share your thoughts and traditions! And check back soon to see what other cultural wedding traditions we explore.



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