German Style Wedding

Weekend after weekend we see different customs and cultures brought into The Castle and it has inspired us to learn more about each cultures tradition. We have started a new series on different cultural wedding traditions so you can incorporate them into your wedding ceremony. Germany is our second stop on this journey!

German Weddings

 Traditionally the bride and groom have identical engagement rings that are worn on the left hand and then switched to the right after the ceremony. Engagement rings are usually plain gold bands and rarely have big diamonds.

 In some parts of Germany the best man “kidnaps” the bride and take her out to a local bar for Champaign until the groom finds her, and then pays for the entire bill his bride best man and friends have racked up.

 During the rehearsal dinner the bride and groom are to shatter any form of cheap pottery like many other cultures that believe this to be good luck. In German tradition the bride and groom must then clean the broken pottery up to ensure that nothing is every broken in their house again. The bride takes a bite of bread to symbolize the couple will never be short of food and the groom carries grain for good fortune and good harvests. Bavarian couples saw a large log in half to symbolize that they can get through hard times by working together.

 Sometimes referred to as a wedding newspaper, this gift for the bride and groom is filled with pictures and stories of the beginning of their relationship told by their friends and family.

 During a German wedding cars are decked out with flowers and the bride carries a white ribbon down the isle and passes pieces of it to her guests so they can attach it to their cars after the ceremony.

 A playful custom during the ceremony is when the groom kneels on the brides dress to let everyone know that he will keep her in order. However when they get up the bride will step on the groom’s foot a few times to assert herself. There is also a struggle of hands when the priest joins the couple by hands they will struggle to have the upper hand until the priest settles this by putting the mans hand uppermost.

 German weddings are traditionally held in the early morning, in some areas after the ceremony the bride and groom are tied up until they promise to throw a party for their guests in order to be released.

Tradition is a part of any wedding, these are just a few of the traditional German wedding customs that you can add to your modern wedding.

Feel free to share your thoughts and traditions! We love to hear your personal stories! And check back soon to see what other cultural wedding traditions we explore.



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