Your Own Royal Wedding

With the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton fast approaching, the news is abuzz with gossip and their plans for the big day. Every little girl dreams of marrying her own prince. Why not make this dream a reality? The Tonawanda Castle is the perfect location for a royal themed wedding. You can even borrow a few ideas from the royal couple themselves.

Many couples have trouble choosing a song for their first dance. If you truly want to feel like royalty, consider using the cover of Stevie Wonder’s “You and I” recorded especially for the royal couple by George Michael.  It is even available for free download at

The flowers that you choose will also help set the royal tone for the day. Kate will reportedly be carrying a bouquet of white lilies down the aisle. This is an excellent choice since, as we learned last week, the lily stands for purity. Of course, the flower budget for the royal wedding is estimated to be as high as £1 million. You may want to trim that back a little!

A beautiful photo of the Captain's Room taken by Timothy Lee

The last major worry when it comes to any themed wedding is the photographs. Thankfully, the Tonawanda Castle is the perfect backdrop for a royal theme!  Many couples have been photographed at the base of our grand staircase, in the Officer’s Club, and in front of the original mantle in the Parlor Room. Not only will the interior of the castle set the perfect mood for your royal wedding, it will also provide many photo opportunities that will allow you to remember the day with fondness.

Every little girl dreams of walking down the aisle to meet her prince. With the right setting and a few borrowed ideas from the royal couple, you can make this dream a reality!


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