Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

Entertaining a large number of guests at a baby shower can be challenging! Once you have picked the right venue (ahem- The Castle?) you will want to keep everyone occupied and engaged without planning so much that there is no time to socialize.  One classic way to do this is with baby shower games. Most of the classic games are designed for small groups, but here’s a look at several that will work just as well with 50 to 100 guests.

One game that is easily played in large groups is called “The Composer.” Start by dividing your guests into small groups of four to eight, depending on how many people you have to accommodate. Assign each group a children’s song such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Ask them to completely re-write the lyrics to the song so that they speak specifically of the mom-to-be and her baby. After fifteen minutes of composing, each team has to perform the new song for the mom-to-be. You’ll be surprised how talented (or untalented) some of your guests are!

The classic “Guess How Many” game is also great for large groups. Fill a jar with a baby-related item such as safety pins or baby booties. Have your guests guess how many are in the jar and write it on a slip of paper when they come in the door. The guest who comes the closest to the actual number gets to take home a special prize. Everyone has seen this before, but it’s a tried and true favorite.

“Guess the Baby Food” is a unique game that will have everyone in snickers, or at least making gagging faces. Buy about half as many jars of baby food as you have guests since you can assume not all will participate in this one. Label the jars with numbers corresponding to the type of baby food that they contain. Have your willing guests try the baby food and guess which variety each number represents. Not all will participate, but even those who do not will be on the floor with laughter!

With some careful planning and well-structured games, any size baby shower can be a success. For more planning ideas, check out


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