Happy Mothers’ Day Weekend!

Happy Mothers’ Day from the Tonawanda Castle! In honor of you mothers out there, we would like to offer  a few tips for including kids at your wedding reception. Whether you are a mother yourself or many of your guests have children, we are confident that you can invite the young ones and still have a great time. Keep these tips in mind when planning.

1. Ask the entertainers to do something special for the kids. The Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey are great places to start. Other entertainers may be more creative and include magic tricks or kid-friendly jokes upon your request.

2. Consider having a separate kids’ table. This will allow the adults to have time alone to chat and will also give the kids an opportunity to meet and interact with others their age.

3. When placing candy and favors on the table, stay away from chocolates. They can make a huge mess, especially during the warm months. Opt instead for small pastel mints, homemade cookies, or even non-edible favors.

4. If there will be a lot of young children at the reception, consider providing an area for them to lie down and rest. They will not be used to being out late and parents will feel less pressure to leave early if their children are comfortable.

5. Provide activities specifically for children, especially at the beginning of the party before the food is served. Set up a couple of board games in the corner or pass out coloring books and crayons at the door. Passing out small trinkets like matchbox cars and costume jewelry also works well.

If you take the time to make a few provisions, having children at your wedding reception can add to the fun! Focus on keeping them entertained and everyone will have a great time. Happy Mother’s Day!


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