Great Online Wedding Resources

Nowadays, most of us use the internet as our primary source of information on almost all topics. Wedding planning is no exception! If you plan on tying the knot and are finding yourself overwhelmed with the planning process, here are a few websites that may be of some help.

This site has some planning and etiquette advice that we really like. Their “Ask the Editor” posts feature answers to questions such as “How do we deal with having a date that conflicts with a friend’s wedding?and “Do I include estranged family on the guest list?” If you have an offbeat planning question that you need answered, this is the place!

If you want to browse a large number of rings, dresses, and favors at one time, this site’s galleries cannot be beat! If you find yourself in need of advice, try posting on their forums.

We’ve told you all about this site before and we still maintain that its one of the best, if not the best, wedding planning sites out there! They offer guides for planning destination weddings, budget weddings, and everything in between. The Knot’s also allows users to register and track their budget, guest list, notebook, and shopping list all in one place!

If the complex layout of The Knot and Wedding Wire seems overwhelming, One Wed may be a better choice. The site offers basic guest list support, planning advice, and dress galleries, but has a much simpler layout and is easier to navigate than some of the more popular wedding planning sites.


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