The History of June Weddings

Nationwide, June is the most popular month for weddings. Why, you ask? Well, the tradition of June weddings actually has its origins in the days of the Roman Empire. There were several reasons why the Romans planned their weddings in June. For one, this was when the weather became warm and people started to bathe again. Obviously being clean for their wedding day was important! The festival of Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth, was also celebrated in June. Thus, being wed in the month of June just made sense!

As time went on, people developed more practical reasons for being married in June. The Celtics realized that babies who were born to couples who were married in June were more apt to survive. They would be born the following spring when the weather was mild. This made them less prone to infection and starvation during the lean winter months that followed.

Today, the tradition of the June wedding continues for many reasons. In many regions, this is the time of year during which the weather is the most favorable and predictable. The days are also longer in June, flowers are in bloom, and colleges are out of session for the summer. (This one’s big in my book!) Congratulations to all of the couples who will be wed this June. We wish you the best.


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