June Wedding Favors

Last week we posted about the history of June weddings, so this week I thought it appropriate to focus on the here and now of  June weddings! If are planning a wedding this June, you have probably picked out flowers, dresses, menus, and the perfect cake. One planning item that is commonly left to the last minute is the favors. Here are a few unique ideas for favors in the month of June (and in the other summer months as well!)

Take advantage of the fresh fruit of this season. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries come to mind! These take a little time to prepare and have to be dipped at the last minute, but if you have a friend with the culinary skills to do so, they can’t be beat! Food Network tells you how.

Sparklers! Who doesn’t like to play with a few fireworks in the summer… Your guests will take them home and have a great time later. You can purchase special heart-shaped wedding sparklers at Moments of Elegance.

Pre-planted pots. Flowers and small floral arrangements are somewhat traditional when it comes to favors. Take a step away from the ordinary and give your guests tiny pots in which seeds have already been planted. Don’t tell them what kind of flowers will come up… the surprise is part of the fun!


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