Signature Cocktails Make Your Reception Memorable

Make your own twist on a classic!

Are you looking for a unique way to add a splash of color to your reception? Signature cocktails allow you to do just that, while providing a unique and tasty element that your guests will remember for years to come! These cocktails can be served to your guests once they are seated, or available at the bar throughout the evening. We have had several brides at the Tonawanda Castle request signature cocktails and they have been beautiful additions to the receptions.

Most brides choose their signature cocktail based on color and appearance. However, if you have a unique story tied to a certain beverage, you may want to play up that idea. One bride met her groom while ordering Bahama Mamas at a resort he was working at for the summer. She insisted all week that he was the only bartender at the resort that knew how to make them properly and sought him out whenever she ordered a drink. Years later, they were married and featured his Bahama Mamas as the signature drink at their wedding.

Design a signature chocolate martini to serve with dessert as the perfect compliment to wedding cake.

If you do not have any ties to a certain drink, designing your signature cocktail can be a memorable experience. A good way to start is to take a classic drink and add your own unique twist. Design a beautiful Godiva chocolate martini complete with dark chocolate drizzle and shavings. Chocolate flavored vodka can be used to add even more chocolatey goodness.

Fora lighter, fruitier take, try a Cranberry Kiss made with Captain Morgan, cranberry juice, and a splash of sweet and sour mix. You can add a touch of triple sec, lime juice, or even fresh fruit puree as you see fit. Serve this over ice in a decorative glass and garnish with a slice of lime. You could even feature a Blue Hawaiian or another blue beverage as your “something blue!” The possibilities are as endless as your own  creativity. Your bartenders and catering staff will be happy to help you select or deign the perfect cocktail if you need a little guidance.

Keep your wedding colors in mind when choosing a signature cocktail.

Could this be your "something blue?"


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