Short on cash? Get creative with wedding gifts…

This post is for the 20-something, buried in student loan debt, still trying to find that dream job, wedding guests. You’re at the age where all of your friends start tying the knot… and including you in the festivities. Between the showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and actual weddings, the price of gifts can really add up! If you find yourself tight on cash, you can still give a creative, heartfelt gift. In fact, the couple will probably appreciate your original gift amongst their many blenders, china sets, and carving blocks. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas compiled from the web (along with a few of our own.)

For the couple that loves to host game night—a “game night” themed basket with a couple of new board games and snacks to complete the night.

For the bride (or groom) who loves to cook—a collection of your own family recipes paired with a cookbook or two from his or her favorite celebrity chef.

For the outdoor explorer type—fill a cooler with all of the goods for the perfect picnic… a tablecloth, paper plates, plastic utensils, ice packs, and hand wipes. Depending on your budget, you could also include a gift card for a grocery store or market.

 For the wine enthusiasts – Ask an expert to recommend a bottle within your budget that will be at its peak in ten years. Attach a note that says “To be enjoyed on your 10th anniversary.”

For the movie fanatics –A 3 or 6-month subscription to Netflix is a gift anyone can enjoy. Throw in a few movie snacks and they’ll be enjoying your gift over and over again.


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