So I need a date to this wedding…

An interesting take on what to do when the invitation says “plus 1” and you have not yet found “the one.”

So I’ll be honest right off the bat here. This post was inspired by a recent personal experience. I do not have numerous on or off-line sources to back up my opinions. However, I recently had a “wedding-related” experience that I feel obligated to share with the Castle’s dedicated readers. This is the story…

Several weeks ago, I found myself without a date for a quickly approaching wedding. I had RSVP’d for two months ago… and had since parted ways with my prospective date.  My usually reliable neighbor was busy, my good male friend from my home town was away, and my best girlfriend was watching her grandmother. I considered showing up alone… but this was one of those weddings where I would know about four people, and they would all have dates.

We were actually at a hockey game when she made the suggestion… my best girlfriend that is. She said something to the effect of “M will go with you. Remember, you met him at my birthday party?” Of course, I was a bit hesitant. (And no, I did not really remember M.) But I decided, why not, people do this kind of thing in the movies all the time!

After making some via-text arrangements, M showed up to my door (yes I told him where I lived, risky… I know) and we were off to the wedding.  The ride there was not as awkward as I had imagined. We found plenty to talk about, including the irony of the situation. We actually had a great time that evening. We discovered we are both terrible dancers and made goofs of ourselves on the dance floor. We even went bowling after the reception because we weren’t quite ready to call it a night yet and have hung out a few times since…

So should you let your friend set you up on a blind date for a wedding? Under certain circumstances, I say definitely yes…

Make sure you know the friend who is setting you up very well and that you trust their judgment.

Make sure the bride and groom do intend for you to bring a date.

Be sure you go into the situation with an open mind and ready to have fun no matter what happens.


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