A Fairytale Ending

Really, how many people get to say they work at a Castle? Whenever I tell someone I work for the Castle, I feel a little guilty. Most people work in boring cubicles with white walls, sterile nylon windows, and office furniture. We have something like 15 couches here, as well as beautiful stained glass windows, shiny woodwork, and that weird old phone in the cabinet that I thought was old, but was recently told is just a replica (that disappointed me.) We even have our own chef here. He comes in handy on days when he does things like…  make too many cookies and feed them to us.  On that note, we might want to start running up the grand staircase to get some exercise.

I guess my point is, this is a really amazing building and working here is anything but mundane. If I ever meet Mr. Right, I can imagine getting married here would be the experience of a lifetime. (Mr. Right is a funny, tan, athletic guy who also likes horses, camping, cooking for me, traveling, and can tolerate my spur-of-the-moment planning and disdain for doing laundry)… yeah. It’s gonna be a while.  Until then, I’ll just stare out the stained-glass window and wait for him to come climbing up the tower to whisk me away. I couldn’t do that in a cubicle…



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