Victorian Wedding Dresses

The Victorian Era is  the time period during which most modern wedding traditions began. Many modern couples choose a Victorian-inspired wedding and in fact, this time period can serve as an excellent theme because it encourages frills and elegance and reminds brides of the fairy tales they read as girls. When it comes time to plan the wedding, you can use Victorian-style roses, strolling violin music, and tea service to set the mood but ultimately, the focus of the wedding will be the dress. Traditional Victorian gowns were extravagant and overflowing with ruffles and lace. Today’s replicas are no less fanciful, and usually made from materials like organdy, silk, and even cashmere. Tight fitting bodices and flowing skirts make this style great for any figure.  Look for bell sleeves and bustled skirts for an era-appropriate look without the restriction of a corset.



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2 responses to “Victorian Wedding Dresses

  1. heather

    Beautiful designs!!!

  2. Licia

    Cool, just what i was looking for!

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