The Emergency Basket

Anyone who has attended a wedding reception is aware of all the little things that can go wrong when you’re dressed in your finest to enjoy a nice meal, a few drinks and some dancing. Maybe you spilled wine down your light pink dress or suddenly found your contacts becoming unbearably dry. In circumstances like these, a basket full of “emergency” supplies can be a lifesaver. Engaged couples, take note! The emergency bathroom emergency basket is a small touch that your guests are sure to appreciate in a big way Line a basket with fabric that coordinates with your wedding colors and add some or all of these important items:

1. First Aid Supplies
Pain Relievers (Advil or Tylenol), Bandaids, Neosporin, Gas-X, Tums
2. Grooming Products
Hair spray, bobby pins, lotion, mouthwash, body spray, feminine products, clear nail polish (for those runs and tears), cotton balls, eye drops, saline solution
3. Quick Fixes
Nail clippers or nail file, stain remover pen (Tide), mints, lint roller, safety pins, extra earring backs

This basket is usually placed inside the main restroom at the reception. Some items (earring backs, feminine products, bobby pins) can be safely left out of the men’s room version. As the night wears on and spills, dry contacts, torn fingernails and missing earring backs become common, your guests will be very thankful.


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