The Champagne Toast

One of the decisions you must make when planning your wedding reception is whether to include a champagne toast. Most couples choose to include a champagne toast for the bride and groom… but who else should be included? It is always thoughtful to serve champagne to all guests, but if you budget does not allow for it, you do not have to feel obligated.

The Bride and Groom are Special. They are, in fact, the reason why everyone has gathered for a reception in the first place. Guests will understand if they are excluded from the champagne toast, as long as they are otherwise included in the festivities.

Consider including the head table. Since these people are near and dear to your heart and have probably put a lot of effort into helping you plan the event, you should consider honoring them by providing a champagne toast, even if you exclude other guests. Also, consider including the parents’ table if you have one.

Consider whether or not your guests even enjoy champagne. If you provide it, they may toast with it and only drink it because they feel obligated. They may not even drink it at all. Do you really want to pay for something your guests do not even enjoy? Talk with your fiance about your guests’ tastes and try to decide whether or not they are collectively a champagne-drinking crowd. If the answer is yes, including them in the champagne toast is a lovely gesture. If the answer is no, save your money to spend elsewhere (custom appetizers, an extra entree choice, and signature drinks are touches that everyone can enjoy!)


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