Jack and Jill Showers

Traditionally, the bridal shower was meant as a celebration for the lady, but many modern couples have embraced the idea of the Jack and Jill Shower- a wedding shower that involves the bride and the groom.  This is a great way to honor these two special people as a couple and gives guests an opportunity to give gifts that both the bride and groom can use.

Think couple’s gifts are hard to find? Think again… grills, kitchen items, furniture, law care equipment, and even home improvement gift cards are all fair game. If you are planning the shower, you can even suggest that single men bring gifts more suited to the the groom, while single women bring gifts more suited to the bride. Couples can bring gifts that the bride and groom can use together.

A Jack and Jill Shower gives the bride and groom an opportunity to celebrate with all of their friends and family, regardless of gender. It also gives the men the opportunity to do some party planning for once! For those seeking a more modern way to celebrate their love, including the groom in the shower is worth considering.





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