Five Strange Cakes

These days, wedding cakes range from elegant and traditional to far, far out there! Here are the top 5 (as determined by us!)MOST unique wedding cakes we could find on the internet. Yum? Maybe…

Number 5: People joke about wives and husbands arguing all of the time… but depicting his death on the wedding cake? That may be taking it too far!

Number 4: Hello Kitty fans are everywhere. Most have some Hello Kitty pajamas, a few pencils, and maybe a Hello Kitty bumper sticker on their car. This fan has an entire Hello Kitty wedding cake.

Number 3: We really hope they remembered to pack Super Mario in their honeymoon suitcase!

Number 2: This would have been the number one strangest cake… but since we were not quite sure what it was, we decided to place it second.

Number 1:  And the strangest, most unique wedding cake we could find is… Hamburger cake! I wonder what they served at the reception…


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