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A Fairytale Ending

Really, how many people get to say they work at a Castle? Whenever I tell someone I work for the Castle, I feel a little guilty. Most people work in boring cubicles with white walls, sterile nylon windows, and office furniture. We have something like 15 couches here, as well as beautiful stained glass windows, shiny woodwork, and that weird old phone in the cabinet that I thought was old, but was recently told is just a replica (that disappointed me.) We even have our own chef here. He comes in handy on days when he does things like…  make too many cookies and feed them to us.  On that note, we might want to start running up the grand staircase to get some exercise.

I guess my point is, this is a really amazing building and working here is anything but mundane. If I ever meet Mr. Right, I can imagine getting married here would be the experience of a lifetime. (Mr. Right is a funny, tan, athletic guy who also likes horses, camping, cooking for me, traveling, and can tolerate my spur-of-the-moment planning and disdain for doing laundry)… yeah. It’s gonna be a while.  Until then, I’ll just stare out the stained-glass window and wait for him to come climbing up the tower to whisk me away. I couldn’t do that in a cubicle…



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Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday

Seasons Greetings from the Tonawanda Castle Staff!

The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect upon the past year and express gratitude for the friends and family in our life. The Castle has had another wonderful year, and we would like to take this moment to sincerely thank what really has become a very supportive group of what we like to call the Castle’s “friends and family.”  We thank you for your business and continued support.

The Tonawanda Castle wants to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holidays and a wonderful new year filled with good times and good cheer!

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From Mexican Shrimp Cocktail to Asian Style Coleslaw…Yum!

Nothing beats summertime entertaining. A casual barbecue  in the yard with family, a leisurely dinner in the garden as the sun sets with friends…

But what makes such events unforgettable and keeps your guests talking when the evening is over? Well, the food, naturally. Hot dogs and hamburgers just don’t cut it anymore. Mexican shrimp cocktail, cucumber salad, chicken enchiladas with ranchero sauce and black beans followed by spicy lemon ice sounds so much more enticing!

Lucky for you, the Castle’s Chef, Richard Kellogg, is teaching three more classes this summer at Tops Friendly Markets Cooking School. You can learn to prepare the delicious meal discussed above at his “Latino Cuisine” class. You can also fine-tune your grilling skills (complimented by a beer pairing) and master creating dishes straight from the garden, like Asian style coleslaw. Don’t miss…

“Latino Cuisine” – 7/12 & 7/19

“Boys’ Night Out-Grilling in Style (Beer Pairing with Flying Bison Brewery)” – 8/16 & 8/23

“From the Garden” – 9/9 & 9/13

For more info call (716) 515-2000 or visit

Spice up your summer entertaining with classes taught by the Castle's Chef

Now if they could just get around to that gourmet cooking by the bonfire class… 😉

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Concrete Proof – Repelling Down the Castle’s Turret…

The Tonawanda Castle’s tower is a majestic feat of construction.  Rising to a height of more than 100 feet, it still reigns over Delaware Street with unmistakable distinction 113 years later.

And this turret is the source of many great memories. For those of you who’ve been following the stories that came out of the Novemeber “Day of Memories” event, you are already familiar with a few of them. A quick refresh:

  • Already chronicled in the Buffalo News (,  Alice Weber told us how, as a 15 year old girl during WWII, she and a girlfriend climbed to the top of the tower to record the planes that passed overhead.
  • Joyce e-mailed us her memory from New Jersey. Her entire memory is reproduced in a post ( But, in short, Joyce’s boyfriend – a Guardsman – helped her fulfill a lifelong dream in the late 1950s by taking her up into the turret so she could “…look out from the “tower” over the little City of Tonawanda, as the snow fell and Delaware Street glistened below.”

But one story that seemed to keep popping up at different events was about Guardsmen that repelled down our turret in the 1970s. Stop and think about it for a second…pretty cool, huh? We really wanted a picture, concrete proof.

And thanks to our friends at the Historical Society of the Tonawandas who, on occasion, drop off copies of newspaper articles relating to the Castle – we have one!

A photo from the Tonawanda News in 1975 of repelling down the turret during an anniversary celebration.

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Let’s Talk Photo Shoots…

We already know that the Castle is a great location to host a unique event…weddings, fundraisers, conferences, black tie galas etc…

But did you ever think of the Castle for a photo shoot? Maybe for engagement pictures, family portraits, or a fashion spread (eMedia already used the space for a music video)? It gets you thinking, doesn’t it?  The wonderful thing about the Castle is that there are so many different rooms (more than nine), with a variety of different textures, colors and styles. There is the regal vastness of the Grand Ballroom, the creative and rustic exposed brick of our balcony, the beautiful and more intimate, open window setting of the 3rd floor or the more industrial look of the basement and garage (like I said, literally, something for everyone).

And it’s already sparked some interest. The photographers at Nickel City Studios have shot some beautiful wedding photos at the Castle (check out a wedding they did at the Castle on their blog: Timothy Lee is a photographer who recently had some fun shooting the architectural features of the building, specifically focusing on the 2nd floor Captain’s Room. You can see some of his photos on our updated flickr photostream (check out the link “Castle Photos” on the right). And, of course, eMedia studios filmed a rockin’ music video for The Innocent Bystanders in April (a photo album of the day is in a post below).

A beautiful photo of the Captain's Room taken by Timothy Lee

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From Sushi to Thai Cuisine…Yum!

The Castle’s Chef, Richard Kellogg, has trained with culinary specialists from around the world and is well studied in everything from sushi to barbeque to seven course European dinners.  He returns to Buffalo, his hometown, after years of owning a number of successful restaurants in Vail, Colorado.  With more than 25 years of Executive Chef experience, the diversity of Richard’s culinary knowledge has cultivated a creative approach to catering, enabling the Castle’s guests to tailor the menu to the needs of their special day.

Richard is teaching three classes as part of the “Ethnic Series” at Tops Friendly Markets Cooking School. Sadly, you’ve already missed the “World of Risotto” class, but you can still catch Richard teaching “Japanese Sushi” on May 12th and 17th and demonstrating Thai cooking at the “Thai Cuisine” class on June 14th and 21st. For more info call 515-2000.

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Guess what was going on last week at the Castle…

You already know the Castle hosts really great weddings and parties, but after last Thursday we can add another item to the ever increasing list of “what you can do at the Castle” – film a music video!

Filming in the Grand Ballroom

About a month ago we received a phone call from E-Media Studios ( saying they were interested in the Castle as the site of a music video for The Innocent Bystanders (, a local rock band. I think a few members of the staff thought it was a prank call, but a member of E-media Studios and the song writer showed up the next morning promptly at 9 am, toured the building and the rest is history.

For roughly 12 hours last week, the film crew and the band took over the Castle’s lower level and first floor. It elicited some curious glances from visitors throughout the day (especially when they had a fog machine going in the Grand Ballroom at noon). But once we explained, they all responded “Wow, that’s pretty cool!” We thought so too.

The crew filmed in the Grand Ballroom (where they set up a mock “concert”), the women’s restroom, the basement’s former horse stables, the liquor room and the bridal lounge (where they brought in and set up a bed). You can check out the pictures on our facebook page (find it via the link on our website

We’re excited to see the completed video and as soon as it’s finished we’ll be posting it here, so stay tuned!

(*Those local to the area may already be familiar with some of E-Media’s work. They produced “The Tonawandas,” a short video highlighting all our area has to offer:

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